May 2nd 2019

This week was another; Hunker down and get ‘er done. type of week. I am breaking down the construction of the phoenix into different parts. Last week was the body this week is the head and soon the wings. Yesterday I finished building the head. Today I will start on the wings. “How do you eat a whale?” “One bite at a time.” One morning this week, they were filming a scene for HBO outside of my coffee shop. Since I live in New York City I often see filming going on. Usually this makes me jealous that I am not part of it. This time I felt as if I was being led in this direction. I don’t necessary believe that the universe shows signs of the path that you are meant to follow. I believe that since I often think about film my brain is primed to see connections coming from the outside world. Either way, if it is a sign or simply feels like a sign, I am on the right path.

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