2nd Vlog

My website and vlog are finally up. After all the late nights, rewrites, losing the entire website twice, and the bags under the eyes I finally ready to go. I owe it all to one notion… I am a sucker for self help media in all its forms. Everything from the extraordinary Nike commercial “Rise and Shine” to Alux videos to Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins. Somewhere along the line I have heard this idea, but unfortunately I forgot the author, Good Enough is better then perfect. Seems fitting. So True I was looking at my vlog and website, then I decided that done is much better than perfect. Bam! Vlog is posted on Youtube. I was spending hours on trying to get the right photos and fonts on my website. But good enough is better then perfect. So I ditched the additional flair I was planning. I made it simple and then KABOOM!(Parks and Rec is great) Website is done. My Youtube, Instagram, and Blog handle is Stylin’ Cat Productions. I decided when I am further along I can get a web designer. The website works and provides information. My strengths are directing, writing and creativity, not websites. This gives me time. Time to make the Phoenix. It’s looking good.

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