1st Blog

Right now. I am typing away at my laptop looking at an beautiful Andy Goldsworthy winter twig photo I have on my desktop and Listening to Lacrimosa from my classical itunes collection. I am a 39 year old man living in New york City. My tea is ready. It’s a cleansing parsley, coriander tea. Yeah I’m that guy. So I live at 191st and Broadway. I think that’s the border of Inwood and Washington Heights technically. I ask Siri but surprise, surprise she is of no help. So I live with my lovely wife Dana, my four year old daughter Dakota, a tuxedo black cat, Rita, named after the cat from Master and Margarita my favorite novel, and Macaroni and Cheese, Dakota’s betta fish. I have been unemployed for sometime now and recently got a new job at a restaurant which I have begun my training. Really and truly who I am is a film maker and a provider. At least that is the goal anyhow. This is the document of my journey to those goals. Let’s get started… First of all I pledge to post a blog and a vlog once a week documenting my progress to make a feature film. My goal is for the film to be completed by my birthday December 18th. I want to ring in my fortieth birthday with a glass of champagne and a really cool feature film. So where am I in the progress? Exactly nowhere. I’m watching the Young Turks, obsessing about the moron in charge and gleefully anticipating his demise. I have been writing, air quotes, writing feature script for sometime now and I am just going to do it. To make it happen. First I am making a short film with my daughter. As a side note I have been telling myself that the reason that I have not been working on my films lately is because I am getting used to having a daughter, but really I that’s not true. She’s almost five. Time is now or never. So I am making a short film before my feature. I really need to get my feet wet again and just make something. Now. But before that, let’s go deeper with my background. I promise I’ll be brief, I have laundry to do and films to make. I was born in NJ in 1979 to Gail and Frank. Colonia is my hometown and my parents still live in the same house they’ve lived for 40 years. According to my wife that is impressive. I have a brother and a sister both younger, and was raised with a slew of animals, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, newts, rabbits, fish, and snails when they over took the fish tank and killed all the fish. I had a really normal childhood played sports which I was terrible at, then proceeded to become an artist which got me picked on mercilessly throughout high school. I was in theater, playing Customer number one in Little shop of Horrors and the coach from Damn Yankees. I sang “Heart” You’ve gotta have heart… All you really need is Heart. Time for Laundry.

Back from the laundry. Picked up Dakota. This is my life. So… I had then gotten into college, Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. I loved it. One of my sculpture teachers had assigned the class to make a video sculpture. So I had made a single shot video of a fat version of my self singing Ricky Martin’s La Vida Loca. The video turned out great, but I then I knew it. Making videos. That’s what I needed to do. After graduation I really felt like I was called to be a filmmaker. I moved back home and started working in a coffee shop. Brew’d Awakening. It’s where I meant my wife. Then I started working in a restaurant. Ruby Tuesday’s. At this point, my mid-twenties we can fast forward through the next two decades, sure I moved to New York City got married, made a couple of short films and had a child, but I am still exactly where I have been, east of nowhere. Not for much longer….

Now, I that I will post both a blog and vlog once a week, I have to get you up to date. I have finished a short script to produce titled the PHOENIX. Starring my daughter because she is here. Now I have to finish making this phoenix puppet. I have no Idea how to make a puppet. Let’s get started….

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